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 The rules!

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PostSubject: The rules!   Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:36 am


In cities you can choose any AF for any zone as long as you are 65+, only one AF in comment at a time .
People not needing af can lot 100s and set MONEY in comment.
Money is lotted by Run payer until run funded. The rest will auto drop.(this means if not enough money drops to fund the run, no money will autodrop)

If you have a 2nd item you want to have the opportunity to obtain put it as your "ROT".
Lots has first priority, if no one has that AF on their Lot list, those who have it in ROT will then be able to obain the item, if no one has the item in lot or rot it will be a free lot to all in the run.

1 Lot and 1 Rot allowed.

This is to be paid to the Run leader prior to the run. The sponsor(s), then will take priority money lots until the sponsorship is paid. Again, if not enough drops nothing will autodrop.


This works slightly differently to cities as does the sponsorship. Lotting works on a points basis. 1 point per attendance is applied. 2 points needed to lot for AF, If you win the AF you lose 2 points.


Sponsoring Ice Runs
The exception to the above rule is sponsorship, if you sponsor an ICE/CoP area you get to lot without the loss of any points.

Those allowed to roll on lots and rots will be told they can do so in Linkshell Chat, anyone rolling before this.. will receive 1 strike. 3 strikes and.. yup.. YOUR OUT!

For your comments there is a simple rule:
BLUE - Sponsoring
YELLOW - Lotting Money
RED - Lotting AF. (please also put your job level next to the AF you wish to lot.. aka. Lot: PLD (75) Rot: Thf (66)

Any Questions please ask.
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The rules!
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